Welcome to the Mk-iii, a drum machine combining classic synthesizer design with modern music technology. Inspired by the digital drum machines of the late 80’s, the Mk-iii takes the concept of simple effectiveness and breathes new life into it. The result is a cutting-edge drum instrument built for the times using Max for Live technology.


The four tracks of the Mk-iii Sequencer allow for quick pattern creation. But the Mk-iii doesn’t stop there. It goes one step further with full control over both the pattern start point and pattern length for each track. Use these two parameters to transform a single sequence into a dynamic performance. And with selectable MIDI note out per track, triggering a hardware or software synthesizer is just as easy as triggering the Mk-iii Drum Module.

  • Four independent 16-step sequencer tracks
  • Assignable note and accent velocity
  • Selectable midi note output and note duration
  • Independent pattern start and pattern length adjustments
  • Two trigger modes:Song Sync (Ableton) and MIDI Input (note trigger)
  • Swing function and Step Divider

Four sample playback engines lie at the core of the Drum Module. Each engine holds two audio samples and plays back up to eight voices at a time. Each sound can be further shaped by a filter, bit-crush, and delay effect. Staying true to the Mk-iii philosophy, the Drum Module is designed with efficiency and effectiveness in mind. As a result, each editable parameter has been carefully selected and has its range adjusted for maximum sound-sculpting results.

  • Four independent dual-sample sound engines
  • Optimized audio playback engine and voice allocation system
  • Independent coarse tune, fine tune and volume per sample
  • Pan and Decay setting per sound
  • Multi-effects per sound (Filter, Bit Crush, and Delay+Filter)

Central to the Mk-iii is its unique modular design. Use the sequencer or the sample playback module on its own, or combine them both into a single drum machine. Having two independent devices like this creates new routings and setups inside the Live workflow. For example, place both devices on the same track or each on their own track. From there add multiple instances or other plug-in synths and effects. And connect everything with ease through Lives track-based MIDI and audio routing system. Define a new paradigm for rhythmic creativity with these endless possibilities.


The Mk-iii includes a drum sample kit based on the hard-edge digital drum machine sound of the late 80’s. To create the kit, a DR-550 drum machine was recorded through a modern signal chain. High frequency harmonics were infused courtesy of a Doepfer Dark Energy resonant filter while a Focusrite ISA preamp added even more punch to the signal.

Mk-iii Version 1.3
Download includes:
  • MK-iii Sequencer (M4L Device)
  • MK-iii Drum Module (M4L Device)
  • MK-iii Effects (M4L Device)
  • MK-iii 550 Drum Sample Kit
  • User Manual
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